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“A Cut Above the Rest”

For over half a century Uni-Hydro has been specializing in producing the finest hydraulic ironworkers available. Most ironworker inventions and designs are in patents with the Dvorak family in Cosmos Minnesota.

Grandfather Joe Dvorak began the legacy by building the first scissors based ironworker. This design is still seen today with many manufacturers.

Over 30 years ago, Joe’s son Jim Dvorak, invented a mechanical linkage system that reshaped the ironworker industry. Uni-Hydro now produces 12 ironworkers that lead the industry in design and workmanship. From bar shears that produce near error free cuts to punches and dies oozing oil to prevent oxidation, Uni-Hydro continues evolving with each new design.

Uni-Hydro ironworkers are designed for the customer and are grouped into specific work related categories. Beginning with our turret ironworkers to our Pro Series, there is an ironworker made to fit your exacting requirements.

  • Turret - an open throat six punch station, eight station ironworker.
  • Standard - 45 to 80 ton models; 56 ton’s that do the work of 60’s and an 80 that redefined using a 90 or 100 ton to do the same type of work.
  • Iron Eagles - Begin with a 30 ton with 70% more load bearing pin surface than a scissors manufacturer’s 150 ton.
  • Pro Series - Includes both 4 stations and dual operator models.

If you are new to the world of ironworkers or one of the thousands of satisfied clients, we encourage you to check us out here and at our parent site Uni-Hydro.

Uni-Hydro has the most power, size and weight, for the dollar

Jim Dvorak






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