Punch Station

“A Cut Above the Rest”

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Punch Table With Adjustable Jig

This is an adjustable jig table. All of our present tables are impregnated with oil to prevent oxidation. By using set stops on this table you can preset the table for a set position to punch stock. We have several options available for this table

Oversize & Offset Die Stands

We maintain a variety of die stands for punching close to the web and for oversize punch and die sets

Punch Nut Wrenches

Different ironworkers require different punch nut wrenches. All of our wrenches are made in-house so you are assured of a quality product.

Bar Shear Table

Extends the bar shear area and has adjustable stops for guiding material into the bar shear

Bar Shear Stop

Is used on the back side of the bar shear to preset the length of stock for cutting

Steel Bin Catcher

Steel Bin catcher is used to hold pieces cut so they do not fall directly onto the floor. Clients can request to have noise damping material added to the bin to lower shop noise.

Remote Hydraulic Foot Control

Foot controls are provided on the sides of each ironworker. These are remote foot controls for extending the control onto the floor for more connivence to the operator

Punch Rack

Punch Rack holds 20 to 30 Sets of Punches and Dies

For a complete display of all of our accessories along with tooling, visit us at Uni-Hydro

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