“A Cut Above the Rest”

Why Buy a Uni-Hydro ironworker?

The Dvorak family has been producing hydraulic ironworkers for over 50 years. Jim Dvorak holds 30 international and 6 stateside patents on ironworkers, no other ironworker manufacturer or individual comes close to as many patents held by Jim Dvorak. Each Uni-Hydro ironworker manufactured with an X (from 1985) has the ability to accept all tooling with the assurance to fit without alterations. Our rigorous manufacturing process ensures the primary plates are 100% accurate. Each machine has almost 70% more load bearing pin surface than a competitor’s machine. This creates a more efficient working cycle in the entire machines working process. Coupled with this is our world famous mechanical linkage system that ensures each guillotine cut on our bar shear is as accurate as is possible. Our punches and dies are purchased in pairs of the exact same size, not mismatched like the rest of the industry. Each punch and die is coated with oil to prevent oxidation and reduce slag build up.

What does all of this mean to our customers?

Each ironworker is of the highest quality to do exactly what an ironworker is suppose to do; cut, bend, notch and punch steel with the least amount of deformation possible. Our tooling doesn’t wear out like other machines. Our bar shears come with an unconditional one year warranty on the original edge. These bar shears have four sided blades; this is equal to four years of uninterrupted cutting.  With our punches and dies sitting on the shelf and not rusting you are ensured of getting what you paid for. With not having to try to figure out what size die goes with what sized punch, you can load, set and be sure that each punch is accurate.

The entire unit is designed for safety of an operator, with shields and pedals in exactly the right place. UNI-HYDRO MANUFACTURED Punches, Dies and Tooling are covered by Uni-Hydro’s Product Liability Certification when used in a Uni-Hydro ironworker.

In 1980, Uni-Hydro Ironworker’s were influential to ironworkers built in the United States going from shearing and punching 60,000 psi tensile strength material to 65,000 psi tensile strength material. Some, still have not arrived to this standard Uni-Hydro has set. Uni-Hydro introduced the first built-in fork lift accommodations into their machines at this time. Also introduced is the option of a user selecting either a slug drop angle shear or a sever angle shear to best fit their fabricating needs.

The patented designed mechanical linkage system of Jim Dvorak has the working center plate moving downward with a slight movement which breaks the molecules of steel in multiple directions as in a slicing motion. This ensures the cleanest cuts available in the industry. The design methods found on a Uni-Hydro ironworker have incorporated the tooling stations to push at a nonattached or non-binding method. This ensures our punch stations and power cavity stations operate tooling in a vertical position.

What do you get from all of this?

The best prices available on the finest ironworkers made. 

You get more ironworker for the dollar with a Uni-Hydro Ironworker

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